Out of this world vape experience whose ingredients are impossible to guess. It tastes like nothing you have had a chance to vape yet but still so addictive and intriguing, pull after pull.

This recipe actually started as a challenge. If you look around the DIY community, you’ll figure out that almost 90% of all recipes are based on well known ingredients. And if you compare it to the number of flavors available on the market, you might say that many good flavors remain buried. Too sad coz many of them have such a great potential.

The challenge among my mates and myself was to mix up the most unusual ingredients ejuice. Something that will taste good and contain less known flavors. That was a two weeks challenge – including steep time. I don’t want to sound like pretentious dick but my juice knocked them all down straight and easy. They were stunned, having that strange facial expression as if smoking a damn good weed.

So here it is…

PG/VG-ratio: 30/70
Steep time: 7 days (min) – 12 days (optimum)

Flavor Notes

Cantaloupe (TPA/TFA) / Raisin (TPA/TFA) – main players of this recipe. I already wrote about Raisin (TPA/TFA) and its ability to “bend” other flavors. In this case raisin turns that pretty much bad Cantaloupe flavor into something very strange, be it flower or undefined fruit. You won’t be able to point your finger to anything specific.

Bitter Nut Extra (TPA/TFA) – one of the strangest flavors out there. It is supposed to bring nutty, earthy background to recipe. The real world Cantaloupe should have that subtle earthy component in its flavor so bitter nut lends a hand to that aspect. Likewise, it plays so nicely with raisin. These two very strong flavors tame each other from top to bottom, literally.

Torrone (Nougat) (FA) – awesome pair to both raisin and bitter nut. It’s nutty, creamy and brings citrus note to the recipe. Things would simply not work without it.

Meringue (TPA/TFA) – provides mouthful feel and adds pretty much neutral cream. Any other vanilla/custard based cream just doesn’t fit here.

As always, sweetener is optional. 0.50% brings that sugar lips effect and you can add more if you like. Even though I adore super sweet vape, 0.50% is just enough since other ingredients participate in general sweetness too.

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