Not all the cookie juices gotta be sweet, not all are sweet in real life anyway…

Recently I’ve made the Flavorbook entry on Salted Caramel (OOO) as being one of mine favorite flavors. It’s due to the fact that there’s actually no salty alternative in the world of flavors. At least there wasn’t until few days ago after I noticed two new flavors by Flavor West: Salt Water Taffy and Salty Butter Balls. Can’t say anything about these yet but I’m sure I’ll be able to in the near future. So, let’s just focus on our recipe.

Moose Salt Lake Cookie should be one of those dry, salty-sweet, golden-brown dough snacks having chewy center and crispy edge. Easy to make, easy to bake, the right balance between sweet, salt and peanut. I suppose I’m pretty much close to the original real-world recipe, however can’t claim it 100% because you might be tasted different type of salt and sweet cookie. My grandma made these long time ago and even though she’s gone for a while now I always like to peek into her cookbook for inspiration.

The truth is I’m kinda like bored mixing sweet tasting recipes all the time and since Salted Caramel (OOO) took its place in my closet, it’s tingling my imagination quite often. Just a couple of days ago I received 6 brand new flavors and the very first thought was whether I can pair any of these with Salted Caramel. It’s not that I’m obsessed with Salted Caramel, it’s rather the matter of saturation.

So, the recipe I’m publishing right now is the result of cooperation between my grandma’s cookbook and my own desire to deflect from the sweet bakery recipes. I’m just hoping it’ll find its place in your atty too.

PG/VG-ratio: 30/70
Steep time: 20 days (min) – 30 days (optimum)

Flavor Notes

Salted Caramel (OOO) / Cookie Dough (FLV)  / DX Peanut Butter (TPA/TFA) – as you probably guess these should represent the base of our recipe which must be salty and sweet in the same time. Salted Caramel is pretty much loaded with butter and salt while Cookie Dough brings sweetness, thickness and – by the help of Peanut Butter – required  dryness without any off notes to it. Another plus to using Cookie Dough (FLV) is the fact it contains brown sugar which adds required weight/depth to entire recipe.

Caramel (FA) – it’ll add even more depth to the recipe and sweeten all up. Only 1.00% keeps the dough dry – as desired. Besides, I didn’t want to reveal the caramel aspect of this cookie at all because it’s just not needed, it actually doesn’t exist in grandma’s recipe. If you, however, prefer to accent caramel part of this cookie (as a topping maybe), feel free to go a little bit higher with Caramel, like 1.50%.

DX Bavarian Cream (TPA/TFA) – adds fullness/body to the recipe plus a touch of vanilla to make the dough taste better.

Cotton Candy (10%) (TPA/TFA) – it’s well known fact that ethyl maltol is able to shave off sharp notes of other flavors and in this very recipe I wanted to get rid of too much butter (butyric acid) from Salted Caramel (OOO). On the other side, it brings body and sweetness to the mix.

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