Refreshing Yakima Hops with Creme de Menthe, cucumber and lime for an outstanding vape experience.

It took me almost two months to nail it down to perfection for a client of mine, however, at the end my client didn’t want to bless the juice by saying that many vapers are not used to such weird flavors combo. I’m just thinking that many vapers are sick of all those strawberry/unicorn milks and pies. More precisely, I don’t know anyone buying any commercial ejuice, everyone is into DIY, looking for something new.
Anyhow, I decided to share this recipe with the rest of the world because I’m 100% sure that all the flavor chasers will like it.

Moose Hops was inspired by Yakima Hops flavor (by Flavorah) which is the most authentic hop flavor out there. Actually, I’m not sure whether there’s any other vendor offering hop-like flavor at all, but I’m definitely sure other vendors might have a hard time to beat it. Yakima Hops can easily be vaped as a stand alone (it’s that good!), however it would be bad idea not to play around with its versatility. Did you know that the hop essence is used as a base for many commercial perfumes?

Speaking of versatility and pairing, you won’t fine many recipes using Yakima Hops out there. Too bad! Maybe that’s one of the reasons my client gave up. Yakima Hops is crisp, fresh, pine-ish, zesty citrus, subtle fruity, earthy… whatta palette of possibilities! In order to find a potential pair to it you just have to ask yourself: is there any other flavor sharing these characteristics? Sure there is, that’s how Moose Hops recipe was born. Let’s take a look at the recipe first then talk about ingredients…

PG/VG-ratio: 30/70
Steep time: 10 days (min) – 20 days (optimum)

Flavor Notes

Yakima Hops (FLV) – golden star of the recipe! I already wrote enough about it above so no need to be redundant.

Creme de Menthe (TPA/TFA) – silver star of the recipe! It’ll connect all ingredients into the seamless blend of green-fresh flavors. Both Yakima Hops and Creme de Menthe are irreplaceable ingredients of this recipe. You can try to add Tangerine in place of Key Lime, Cactus in place of Cucumber, maybe a pinch of Lavender but don’t try to omit or replace Yakima Hops and Creme de Menthe.

Key Lime (Natural) (FW) – is there any other citrus that fits better to Yakima Hops? I can guarantee there’s not! I tried orange, tangerine and lemon (by different vendors) but none pairs that good. Another reason to chose lime before any other citrus is the color. Hop is lush green and the lime is likewise! Quite often I do rely on colors when mixing and believe me, the nature itself doesn’t make mistake when talking about colors match, be it animal skin, feather or flowers.

Cucumber (TPA/TFA) – this one will make things really moist and juicy. Besides, it plays so nicely with any citrus and mint! Yakima Hops is kinda fresh by default but Cucumber brings that freshness to the next level. And yes, it’s another color match in da house! Maybe you’ll find it a bit strong in the first two weeks but that’s all right, it will calm down by the end of required steep time.

Cotton Candy (10% EM) (TPA/TFA) – just to add a little bit more sweetness and body to the mix and shave off those harsh notes of the cucumber. You could try to replace it by any other sweetener, however I didn’t find it working that good. It’s up to you to decide, flavor is subjective experience, correct?

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