Creme de Menthe spiced up with coconut and cherry blossom! It feels like vaping turquoise-pink tropical island covered with snow.

Are you ready for a new, addictive all day vape juice? I just can’t let it down, it keeps casting the shadow over each and every juice I made thus far, even over my top three. Maybe it’s just temporary because I didn’t vape anything minty for a long time…
Anyhow, a month ago I was messing up with Creme de Menthe (TPA/TFA) coz the flavor was just sitting in my closet for a fair amount of time. After a few test mixes I realized the true potential of that very flavor, it’s huuuge! Essentially, Creme de Menthe is mostly mint with the background mix of cream, vanilla, sweetener and alcohol. Mint only flavors can be very strong and quite often require dilution (not all vendors tho), so I’m looking at it as a very mild mint ice cream.

Where did the inspiration come for this recipe? I was guided by the colors of Caribbean. How come? Not sure but it turned out amazingly well. And if you take a look at the color combo, it pairs perfectly…. I’m picturing Creme de Menthe as a pastel green aka Caribbean turquoise, coconut is white just like the beach sand and the cherry blossom has that gentle pink/rose/flamingo color which stands so nice against turquoise. I’ve read somewhere that you can swim with flamingos on one of Caribbean islands.

And that’s basically it. Simple and foremost delicious.

PG/VG-ratio: 30/70
Steep time: 7 days (min) – 10 days (optimum)

Flavor Notes

Creme de Menthe (TPA/TFA) – obviously the main role player in this recipe. Even though the flavor itself is not bad as a “single flavor mix” too, it’s missing something. It actually asks for another flavor to boost its background notes unless you are OK with how it plays as a stand alone. I’m a flavor junkie and I long for that missing link.

Cherry Blossom (TPA/TFA) – very lightweight cherry flavor, floral, airy, excellent addition to Creme de Menthe. It doesn’t bring any additional weight to the mint and the juice itself in general. It’s 100% spot on. I’ve also tried to replace Cherry Blossom with Elderflower (FLV) but it didn’t turn that well. If you want to give it a shot, replace Cherry Blossom with Elderflower at 0.5%.

Creamy Coconut (FW) – I was actually missing a touch of tropical sensation to this juice and coconut was the most logical choice. Didn’t try any other fruit/nut because it pairs so damn good with Creme de Menthe. Both outside and inside color of coconut fit to my juice color scheme too so that’s another plus. Don’t try to replace with Coconut Extra (TPA/TFA) coz you might end up vaping the rubber tasting mint!

Vienna Cream (FA) – in order to accent the creamy note of Creme de Menthe I needed floral note cream which also pairs well with Cherry Blossom. The cream itself has to be lightweight, no custard or heavy vanilla because all other ingredients are likewise. So two creams came into consideration: Vienna Cream (FA) and Sweet Cream (FW) but the formal one won elegantly.

Cotton Candy (TPA/TFA) / Sweetener (Sucralose) (FW) – these two are here to sweeten and round all up. Too much sugar might mute the mint so don’t add to much if you prefer sweeter juice. I do but I found these two to be just spot on in these percentages.

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