Ingredient %
Crispy Wafer (SC) (WF) 3.00
Frozen Pineapple Yoghurt (VTA) 5.00
Super Sweet (CAP) 1.00
Sweet Tangerine (CAP) 2.50
Walnut (SC) (WF) 3.00

PG / VG ratio: 40 : 60
Flavor total: 14.5%
Steep Time: 14 days

Target Mix:

Pineapple – Walnut – Tangerine ice cream in crispy wafer cone

Flavor Notes:

Frozen Pineapple Yoghurt (VTA) – that Yogurt in flavor label may be misleading a bit, for me that’s an awesome sweet pineapple ice cream. It just longs for other fruits to round up the story of the mix itself – even though it’s totally sufficient as is. It’s that tasty!

Sweet Tangerine (CAP) – sweet & tangy addition to my ice cream. I could easily use lemon, lime, orange or anything else that brings a bit of sourness to the mix.

Walnut (SC) (WF) – that’s not a south European walnut which is strong, dark and tart. This is rather English walnut which is far more lighter, creamier and sweet. By me, the perfect pair to pineapple.

Crispy Wafer (SC) (WF) – the best thing about the ice cream cone is the fact that it becomes soggy when the ice cream starts to melt. I just adore that sweet, soggy wafer cone so that’s why I added it to my mix. Beside, it should lend some crispness for a better mouth feel.

Super Sweet (CAP) – you can add it to the mix or not, the choice is yours. I prefer sweet vape so I threw it in.

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