Moose Hops

Refreshing Yakima Hops with Creme de Menthe, cucumber and lime for an outstanding vape experience. It took me almost two months to nail it down to perfection for a client of mine, however, at the end my client didn’t want to bless the juice by saying that many vapers are…Read More

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Moose Salt Lake Cookie

Not all the cookie juices gotta be sweet, not all are sweet in real life anyway… Recently I’ve made the Flavorbook entry on Salted Caramel (OOO) as being one of mine favorite flavors. It’s due to the fact that there’s actually no salty alternative in the world of flavors. At…Read More

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Moose -42C

Creme de Menthe spiced up with coconut and cherry blossom! It feels like vaping turquoise-pink tropical island covered with snow. Are you ready for a new, addictive all day vape juice? I just can’t let it down, it keeps casting the shadow over each and every juice I made thus…Read More

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